A Celebration of Us
Whanganui Regional Business Awards 2022

2022 Whanganui Regional Business Awards celebrate achievement, innovation, and creativity in our business and community sectors.

This year, celebrating our successes and, in some cases, our survival is very important. The Awards this year acknowledge what we have been through and how far we have come in the four years since the last Whanganui Regional Business Awards in 2018.

In 2022 we have refreshed the Awards Categories to recognise our unique strengths and to embrace the different ages and stages of our businesses, social impact, and community organisations. Check out our categories here.


The Awards are open for entry to any business, incorporated society, or charity of any size located in our region.

Enter your business

While the ultimate goal is to win, entering the awards gives you more than that. It’s a chance to reflect on where you have been, recognise your achievements, and cement your thinking for your future direction.

If you have a team, include them in your entry development to share and get feedback on how you and they see your business and get everyone on board for moving forward.

And if the idea of filling in forms leaves you cold, join one of our entry workshops to help guide you through completing the entry form. Begin your awards journey by entering your business here.

Nominate another business

Nominate a business you think should enter the awards and we’ll encourage and support them to enter.

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Nominate a Business

If you know of a business that deserves recognition, please nominate them now. We just ask that you have a brief conversation with the business owner to make them aware that you are doing so.


Once we have received the nomination, we will contact the business owner and engage them in the awards entry process.


Nominations are not binding or a commitment without the business's consent. Enter your own business here.


Message sent, thanks!